The most beautiful names of girls and boys that mean peace

Photo The most beautiful names of girls and boys that mean peace

Long ago, a king rules that he was the only one to give names to children in his village. However, he only gave bad names to them, like Ignorant, Filthy, Donkey, and other. Thus, most kids were dumb and coward.

Yet, a mother secretly named her son Wisdom, which made him witty. When the king, one day, was looking for someone to solve a puzzle in his kingdom, there was nobody but Wisdom who could help. Since then, parents have been granted permission to name their children with good names.

Names are important in us. This is because the choice of names may have a great impact in one's life and future. Discover some pretty female and male names that mean "peace".

The most beautiful names of boys and girls that mean "peace"


Frederick is a male name, which means peaceful ruler. The name is of a German origin.


Olivia is of a Latin origin; this name derives from the olive tree, which is the symbol of peace. The name also symbolizes a peaceful world. If given to baby boys, the name is Oliver.


The name "Paloma" is from the Latin word "palumbus", or "dove", the symbol of peace. In some countries, the name may also mean "holy spirit", or "serenity".


Humphrey or "peaceful warrior" has a German origin. It is made of the word "hun", which means "warrior" and "frid" or "phrey" or "peace". It is generally given to boys.


The name Irina originates from a Greek goddess' name who is the personification of "peace". It is therefore a female name.


Sheehan is from the Irish word "Siobhan" for "peace". In Celtic, the name means "peacemaker".


Irie is of Jamaican origin. This name means "pleasant" or "excellent". In fact, this word is used in Jamaica for greeting.


In Scandinavia, the nameAxl is for "father of peace". In Hebrew, the name is spelled "Axel". It is given to boys.


Solomon means "peaceable"; it is of a Hebrew origin. The name is also associated to "wisdom", "wealth", or "peaceful ruler".


Jonah means "dove"; it is a Hebrew name. In some tribes, the name means "conqueror" or "lucky man". Jemima Jemima is a female name; it means "dove" or "peace". A dove is the symbol of peace.


Luam is an African name meaning "tranquil" or "peaceful", which can be attributed to boys and girls.


In Hebrew, Levi is similar to "harmony". The name is only given to boys with the hope that they will restore harmony in the society.


Alanna is a Gaelic name for "beauty" or "serenity". The word has an Old High German origin meaning "precious boy".

Another name

Rawat is the Indian name for "prince" or "the best". It is like the name of the ambassador of peace Prem Rawat who shares his words of peace and promotes inner peace to achieve global harmony.

To realize his peacekeeping initiatives, he created the Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF). It gives opportunities for volunteers to contribute to maintaining global harmony through its volunteering programs. Other endeavors are also made for a better impact.