Top 6 Best Ukulele Brands for Beginners

Are you a music lover? Well, we can agree that learning music is not enough without having a perfect instrument to play. Learning to play the ukulele is a great experience for everyone who loves music. And we have taken the time to sort out the best ukulele brands for beginners.


Before purchasing a ukulele, you should consider your budget and how you plan to use the ukulele. It is advised that borrowing from a friend is good or even renting one. This is to help you determine which one best suits you. Many music stores allow buyers to try out the instruments.

The best ukulele brands for beginners are normally not expensive. You may find one that is decent, playable and affordable. But there is a broad range of options from less expensive to more pricey ones. With that in mind let’s look at the best beginner brands to buy.


This is the most popular ukulele brands and has several suitable models for beginners. The Makala Dolphine ukulele is an inexpensive, plastic model mainly designed for the beginners; it is playable and has a great tone. It is also good for children because there is a myriad of colors.


Lanikai is also a great ukulele option for a beginner. It is made of laminate wood that produces soprano sound with a good outer shell of a real wood. There is also a hard wood tenor ukulele that is a little more expensive, but has great sound that is clear and full when the volume is loud.



The 15CM concert ukulele is one of the top most popular models of Cordoba ukuleles for beginners.  It has a mahogany top, back, and sides, with a laminate front. This provides a taste of two worlds that is a solid wood appearance with a rich, deep quality sound at a low price. It also comes with a smaller soprano size and a bigger tenor size.

Kala ukulele

This is a world-renowned ukulele maker. It makes all ukuleles in all three sizes. This is an ideal for those with large hands, big fingers and might find it hard to play soprano ukuleles. The tenor size is also available but in a slightly larger size. The Kala soprano travel ukulele features a sleek body with an appealing design and is light enough to travel anywhere with it in a suitcase.

Luna Tena ukulele

This ukulele is a good choice for those who know how to play the guitar but interested to learn the ukulele. It is large in size and sits close to the body which is very similar to an acoustic guitar. If you are looking for a good quality instrument that is slightly bigger than a soprano then the Luna tenor ukulele is a perfect buy. It has the best sound quality both for home playing and studio recording.

Oscar Schmidt OU2

This is the most budget friendly ukulele than the models above. It can be found for as little as $69 online. The Oscar Schmidt ukes are comparatively clean and well built. But when it comes to best fit and finish, Kala and Cordoba are two steps high up the ladder. The OU2 is a decent instrument for people looking to save a few cash on a good newbie ukulele.

As a beginner, the ukulele is an awesome instrument to learn because it is fun, simple and the skill required to play the ukulele can be used to the guitar or even other string instruments. The above mentioned are the best brands for beginners and are fairly inexpensive which make them best gifts for children.

Purchasing ukulele for the first time is a thrilling experience and can create long-lasting memories so ensure that you look out for the best quality wood or laminate ukulele from a dependable manufacturer. The main factors to consider when buying are: brand, size, materials, and price.

Select the size according to the user and the tenor or soprano option are best fit for beginners.  If you are in a good capacity to spend money on a beginner uke, you should have a look at the Martin C 1K or T1 K. While these ukes are more expensive, they are the best solid wood ukuleles.

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