Best Train Tables for 2 Year olds

Train tables are best for toddlers aged 3 years and above. Train tables were originally made of wood, though plastic tables are also popular now. There are also eco friendly train tables from Plan Toys. Train tables help in all round development of the child. Train tables can be independent or bought with train sets. Sometimes a train table is bought and accessories added with time. . These are toys which are liked by the child and last for a long time. Hence a good sturdy table will ensure that it is durable. Train tables are also available with drawers. Most have them have ample space at the bottom to store bigger toys. Train tables help the toddler move round and play with toys and more than one child can also use them. In this article, I will give you a list of best of train tables on the market. You could also take a look at this best train table 2016 buying guide to help yourself selecting the best train table for children.


Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Multi Action Table

This is made from light wood particle board. It is 16 inches in height and has an area of 50“x 321/2 “. It is equipped with a green table top made of foldable plywood.  There are no sharp edges as the corners are rounded. This table can be used for a variety of play and craft activities. There is a big drawer on one side to store toys. The table area is big enough for more than one child to play. It is economical and the table does not come with accessories. It is however important to ensure that it fits into your child’s playroom.

Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table Kid Kraft

This is made of composite wood and has a table top of silk screened landscape. An 11/2 “lip prevents toys from falling off. It has a height of 16” and table area of 48.75” x 34.38”.The corners are T molded.   It comes with a 120pc set which includes toy train set with rails, policemen, cars and a plastic mountain. There are three plastic bins to store toys.

Step 2 Deluxe Canyon Road Train & Track Table


This is made of high grade plastic. It is 6.3” in height and mounted on sturdy plastic legs. It has a surface area of 47.2” x 27”. The tracks are molded in and there is a hardboard lid. This covers the table when not in use. The table can then be used as an activity table also. There is a 3pc train set and decals to mark different areas.  It mimics a canyon and its multi level makes it interesting even for 5 year olds. Being made of plastic it is scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Kidkraft Around Train Set & Table

This is made of wood. It has a table top with a large landscaping. The setting is an urban one. There are trains, airport runway, bridges and pastures. It comes with a 100 pc assortment of plastic vehicles, animals, tracks and structure. There is an Allen wrench and instructions for assembling. Creativity is encouraged because of the various combinations of scenarios that can be created. The child can easily spend a lot of time in play and planning. Two storage bins are also provided.

Metropolis Train & Table Set (Kidkraft)

This has a height of 26.63” and table area of 46.5” x 32.75”. It is made of birch wood. It has a reversible table top to give it a coffee table appearance. It comes with a 100pc accessory. There is an attractive combination of trains and rails with mountains, tunnels, bridge and buildings, cranes, airport and helipad. There are also trundle drawers which go under the table.


There are many varieties of train tables available and a little survey and research will ensure that the best train table is bought. Train tables are very useful and play an important role in your child’s life. The size, type and brand depend on the funds available. Since children grow soon investing a lot may not be desired by some. This also allows the option of buying the basic table and gradually adding accessories. Friends and relatives may buy some of it as gifts. When buying a train set later care must be taken that it is compatible with the table. DIY train tables are also available.

Hi! I am Tom Hardy, a toy advisor @ ToysAdvisors. I have three kids, and love to share with you about toys and equipments for kid.

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